Our Process
Simple yet efficient

Improve Your Business with Better Communication


  • Choose from one of our X packages to purchase Multisphone.

  • Depending on the package chosen, either you or our team will install the phones.

  • Configuring MultisPhones is easy, and if you don’t want to do it, our team is here to help. Simply plug the phone in and follow the online setup guide.
Begin Working

  • Once the phones have been deployed, employees simply have to pick up the phone and start talking.
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Diverse Feature Set

Improve Your Business & Be On Top

Content Marketing

Introducing 2-Way Texting on our feature-rich desktop phone, a game-changing solution that brings the convenience of text messaging to your office communication system.



App Integration

Elevate your communication experience with our versatile desktop phone, featuring seamless App Integration capabilities.


Backup Internet

Ensure uninterrupted connectivity with our desktop phone’s Backup Internet feature, a smart solution designed to keep your communication system up and running even in the face of unexpected network disruptions.
Quality Standards

Our Principles

Beginning from the metal extracted from the ground itself, we pride ourselves on the extreme care we take to manufacture our phones to the highest standards.

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With dedicated team members who have been in their respective fields for years, we strive to provide the best service for all of our customers.

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By purchasing our product, you’re not only helping your business, you’re helping each individual employee. By making their environment less stressful and more productive, MultisPhones are extremely beneficial devices.

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