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We excel in giving unparallel support to ll types of businesses such as Dental, General Medical, Attorneys, Restaurants, Hair Saloons, everyone.

Will I have to be tied to a contract?

No. Our services and equipment are excellent and we do not hide behind a contract.

How long do I have to wait to use your services?

If you are using your mobile phone as an extension, or using one of our web services, almost immediatelly. If you are using our desk phone, shipping takes 1-3 days and then you are up.

What happens if I decide to cancel our services?

We haven’t had a lot of that happen, but in case you do, for any reason, you would just return our equipment in good condition (normal wear and tear for length of use accepted) and you are done.

How many calls can I receive at the same time on the same phone number?

Unlimited. Your customers will not get a busy tone.

Can I use my current phone number?

Yes. We will help you in the process of porting that phone number to us, for no additional cost. It usually takes 2-7 days, but you do not need to wait for that to start using our services. We can temprarilly forward your current phone number to us immediatelly.

Do I have to buy any equipment?

No. Our equipment is free of charge.

Can I text from my business phone number?

Yes. That is one of the best parts of using a service like ours. Not only it is much more professional to be able to send/receive texts from a business phone line, but you can also protect your personal life, and against workers that walk away with your customer linked to their phones.

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