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Encrypted & HIPPA Compliant

Our desktop phone uses secure End to End Encryption (E2EE) for every piece of data transferred through them. Not a single bit of your data will remain unencrypted as it goes through our blazingly fast encryption, ensuring both speed and security. Additionally, our phones are also HIPPA compliant, so your records never fall into the wrong hands.

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Real-time Analytics

Unlock the full potential of your company’s communication network with real-time analytics for desktop phones. This game-changing technology empowers businesses to monitor call traffic, identify bottlenecks, and optimize resource allocation for peak performance. Leverage data-driven insights to improve customer interactions, enhance employee collaboration, and streamline internal processes. Stay ahead of the competition and drive success with real-time analytics for your desktop phone infrastructure.
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Unlimited inbound minutes

Unlimited inbound minutes offer worry-free communication with friends, family, and coworkers without exceeding plan limits or incurring extra costs. This ensures you don’t miss vital calls or messages and allows for unhurried conversations without monitoring time or rushing through important discussions.
personalized display

Company logo

Displaying your company’s logo on desktop phones increases brand recognition, projects professionalism, and fosters employee pride. This approach unifies brand identity across the organization, covering marketing materials to communication devices. Ultimately, a branded phone reinforces your brand image, improving your firm’s general reputation and client perception.

HD Voice quality

Displaying your company’s logo on desktop phones increases brand recognition, projects professionalism, and fosters employee pride. This approach unifies brand identity across the organization, covering marketing materials to communication devices. Ultimately, a branded phone reinforces your brand image, improving your firm’s general reputation and client perception.

Extension-to-Extension Dialing

Experience Extension to Extension Dialing, revolutionizing team communication. Connect effortlessly using memorable extension numbers, enhancing collaboration across departments, floors, and global locations. Eliminate phone number searches, streamline communication, and elevate productivity, empowering your team to achieve more with seamless connections.
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Free Number Porting

Experience seamless communication continuity with Number Porting, our innovative feature designed to make transitions smoother than ever. Retain your existing phone numbers when switching to our service, ensuring uninterrupted connections with clients and colleagues alike. Enjoy hassle-free integration, reduced downtime, and the benefits of our powerful communication platform without sacrificing your established identity.
Customer service

Call Center

Our call center desktop phone supports high call volumes and ensures clear, uninterrupted communication. Its ergonomic design and user-friendly interface make it the perfect choice for fast-paced call center environments. Invest in the future of your call center with our high-performance desktop phone – where efficiency, reliability, and exceptional customer service come together.
24/7 availability

Time Conditions

Maximize efficiency with our desktop phone’s Time-Conditions feature, designed to streamline your call handling based on the time of day or specific schedules. Easily set up customized rules for call routing and forwarding during business hours, after hours, or even on holidays. This intelligent feature ensures that your callers are always directed to the appropriate destination, whether it’s an available staff member, a voicemail, or an automated message. Enhance your communication experience and optimize your office workflow with our desktop phone’s Time-Conditions feature – a smart solution to managing calls around the clock.
redirect easily

Call Flow

Discover the power of seamless call management with our desktop phone’s dynamic Call Flow feature. Effortlessly redirect incoming calls to the desired destination by simply dialing a designated number. Whether you need to forward a call to another extension, a voicemail, or an external number, the Call Flow ensures your communications are always directed to the right place, keeping your business organized and efficient. Stay connected and in control with our desktop phone’s Call Flow feature – the ultimate solution to your call routing needs. Transform your communication experience and never miss an important conversation again!
access anywhere

Call Forwarding

Never miss an important call with the call forwarding feature, designed to ensure you’re always reachable even when you’re away from your desk or primary phone. Effortlessly redirect incoming calls to an alternate number, such as your mobile phone or a colleague’s extension, maintaining smooth communication flow in any situation. Customize call forwarding settings to suit your needs, activating it manually or scheduling it for specific hours. Enhance your availability, responsiveness, and professional reputation with the convenience and flexibility of call forwarding.
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Call Blocking

Take control of your communication experience with our desktop phone’s powerful Call Blocking feature. Designed to help you maintain privacy and eliminate unwanted interruptions, this feature enables you to block specific numbers or even entire area codes with ease. Our user-friendly Call Blocking interface allows you to quickly add, edit, or remove numbers from your blocked list, ensuring that only the most important calls reach you. Say goodbye to pesky telemarketers, spam calls, or any other unwelcome callers, and enjoy a clutter-free, distraction-free communication experience. Upgrade to our desktop phone with Call Blocking and regain control over your incoming calls, prioritizing the conversations that matter most and safeguarding your valuable time and attention.
balance calls

Call Waiting

Enhance your communication experience with our call waiting feature for desktop phones. Never miss an important call while you’re on the line, as this feature alerts you with a discreet tone, indicating another incoming call. Easily manage multiple calls by placing the current conversation on hold and attending to the new caller, ensuring you stay on top of your professional commitments. Embrace the efficiency and convenience of call waiting, designed to support the dynamic needs of today’s fast-paced business environment.

Conference Calling

Unify your team and collaborate effectively with our conference calling feature for desktop phones. Facilitate productive multi-party conversations, connecting colleagues, clients, and partners from various locations with ease. Conduct virtual meetings, brainstorming sessions, and project updates without sacrificing the quality of communication or incurring additional costs. Experience the convenience and efficiency of conference calling, designed to empower your organization with seamless connectivity and enhanced collaboration in today’s interconnected world.
operate anywhere

International calls

Stay connected with colleagues, clients, and loved ones around the world through the power of international calls. This essential communication feature enables you to make and receive calls across borders, transcending geographical barriers and time zones.
Embrace the world at your fingertips and foster strong professional relationships with seamless international calling capabilities.
voicemails simplified

Voicemail to email

Receive instant notifications of new voicemail messages directly in your email inbox, along with audio attachments or transcriptions, ensuring that you stay informed and responsive to your callers. Access and manage your voicemails from anywhere, anytime, providing the flexibility and efficiency that modern professionals demand. Simplify your communication experience and never miss an important message again with this seamless integration of voicemail and email technology.
speech to text

Voicemail transcription

Experience the convenience and efficiency of Voicemail Transcription, the cutting-edge solution that transforms your voice messages into easily accessible text. Save time and stay organized by quickly scanning through transcriptions, eliminating the need to replay lengthy audio files. Designed to enhance productivity and streamline communication, Voicemail Transcription ensures you never miss a detail. Embrace the future of messaging and stay ahead of the game with Voicemail Transcription, the perfect companion for your fast-paced business environment.
capture audio

Call recording

Unlock the power of conversation with Call Recording for your company’s desktop phones. Empower your team to review and analyze vital communication, ensuring optimal customer satisfaction and fostering a culture of continuous improvement. Call Recording safeguards your business by providing compliance assurance, mitigating disputes, and boosting employee performance, all while enhancing training initiatives.
stress free

Call quality monitoring

Transform your communication experience with call quality monitoring, ensuring crystal-clear conversations every time. This advanced technology continuously assesses audio quality, network performance, and connection stability, identifying potential issues and resolving them proactively. Say goodbye to dropped calls, garbled audio, and frustrating delays. Embrace the power of call quality monitoring and enjoy seamless, high-definition communication for both personal and professional conversations.
find anyone

Directory listing

Simplify your organization’s communication with our comprehensive directory listing feature for desktop phones. Quickly access essential contact information for your colleagues, departments, and clients, all in one centralized location. Search and dial contacts with ease, improving your team’s efficiency and responsiveness. Enhance collaboration and streamline your professional network by utilizing this user-friendly and organized directory listing, designed to keep you connected in today’s fast-paced business world.
easy access

Speed dialing

Speed dialing is a vital function for any desktop phone since it allows you to connect with frequently contacted contacts in a rapid and comfortable manner. You can save time and effort by putting commonly used numbers into one-touch buttons on your phone using speed dialing. This feature not only saves time, but it also lowers the possibility of dialing mistakes or misdials, guaranteeing that you always reach the right party. Speed dialing makes the procedure more efficient and streamlined, whether you’re in a hurry or simply need to make a fast call. Furthermore, it can be especially beneficial for organizations, as employees can swiftly and easily communicate with crucial clients, vendors, or team members with a single button press.
change handler

Call transfer

Effortlessly direct calls to the right person or department with our intuitive call transfer feature for desktop phones. Whether it’s a warm hand-off or a blind transfer, ensure a smooth transition without losing the caller’s valuable time. Enhance your team’s collaboration and streamline communication within your organization by utilizing this essential tool. Experience the difference that efficient call handling can make in providing exceptional customer service and improving overall workplace productivity.
waiting entertainment

Call Hold

Transform your call-waiting experience with our engaging call hold music and message options. Keep your callers entertained and informed while they patiently wait for your attention. Our extensive library features a variety of genres and customizable messages to suit your business needs, ensuring your clients feel valued and appreciated. Enhance your company’s image with a touch of professionalism and a memorable auditory experience that leaves a lasting impression.
distributed calls

Ring groups

Maximize your business’s call management with our advanced ring groups feature for desktop phones. Efficiently distribute incoming calls among designated team members, ensuring that no call goes unanswered. Customize your ring strategy to suit your organization’s needs, whether it’s simultaneous ringing or a sequential approach. Benefit from improved customer service, reduced wait times, and a more collaborative work environment as your team effectively handles calls and maintains seamless communication with clients.
temporary storage

Call parking

Enhance your office phone system’s flexibility with our call parking feature for desktop phones. Temporarily place incoming calls on hold in designated ‘parking spots,’ allowing you or your team members to pick them up from any extension within your organization. Minimize the risk of dropped calls during transfers and improve overall call management efficiency. Experience the convenience and adaptability of call parking, designed to support the dynamic needs of modern businesses and streamline professional communications.
seated rerouting

Call pickup

With just a touch of a button, you can now effortlessly answer calls ringing on any other extension within your workspace. Say goodbye to missed calls and frantic dashes across the office. Our Call Pickup feature ensures seamless collaboration and productivity, keeping you connected to every important conversation.
sorting clients

Call screening

Take control of your incoming calls with our call screening feature for desktop phones. Efficiently manage and prioritize your calls by identifying the caller’s information before answering, ensuring that you can focus on what’s most important. Choose to accept, reject, or redirect calls based on your schedule and priorities, optimizing your time and productivity. Enhance your professional communication experience with call screening, a powerful tool designed to provide you with the flexibility and control needed in today’s fast-paced business world.
transfer devices

Call flip

Experience the ultimate in call flexibility with our call flip feature for desktop phones. Seamlessly transition between devices during an active call, without any interruption or inconvenience to your caller. Switch from your desktop phone to a mobile device or a softphone with ease, catering to the demands of your on-the-go lifestyle. Stay connected and maintain clear communication no matter where you are, with the call flip feature designed to accommodate the ever-evolving needs of modern professionals.
quietly informative

Call Preview

Experience the convenience of Call Preview on our advanced desktop phone – a feature that revolutionizes the way you handle multiple calls. Never be caught off guard again! When you’re on an active call and a new one comes in, the Call Preview will display the incoming caller’s information, allowing you to make informed decisions on whether to answer, hold, or ignore the call. Stay on top of your communications and manage your calls efficiently with our desktop phone’s Call Preview feature. Upgrade your phone system and take control of your conversations like never before!
personalized display

Call return

Never miss an important call again with our seamless call return feature for desktop phones. Easily reconnect with your most recent incoming callers, even if they didn’t leave a message. With a simple press of a button, you can re-establish communication and stay on top of your professional commitments. Improve productivity and responsiveness by taking advantage of this intuitive tool, designed to keep you connected in today’s fast-paced business world.
Manage downtime

Do not disturb (DND)

Maintain a balanced and productive work environment with the Do Not Disturb (DND) feature on your phone. This convenient function allows you to temporarily silence incoming calls, notifications, and alerts, ensuring uninterrupted focus during important tasks, meetings, or personal moments. Customize your DND settings to automatically activate during specific hours or enable it manually when needed. Take control of your time and attention with the Do Not Disturb feature, promoting a more efficient and stress-free communication experience.
customizable workspace


Upgrade your office experience with our diverse range of custom ringtones for desktop phones! Add a touch of personal flair to your workspace while distinguishing between internal and external calls. From nostalgic tunes to modern hits, our library offers a vast selection of high-quality sound bites. Elevate your professional environment by setting a unique tone that resonates with your personality and energizes your workday!
interrupt strategically

Call barge-in

Enhance your team’s communication and collaboration with our call barge-in feature for desktop phones. Empower supervisors and team members to join ongoing calls when needed, ensuring that critical information is shared, and issues are resolved promptly. With call barge-in, you can provide real-time support, guidance, and intervention during important conversations. Experience improved customer service and team synergy with this versatile feature designed to keep your organization’s communication running smoothly and effectively.
on-call feedback

Call whisper

Upgrade your team’s coaching and support capabilities with our call whisper feature for desktop phones. This innovative tool allows supervisors or team leaders to discreetly provide real-time guidance to staff members during active calls without being heard by the caller. Enhance training, boost employee confidence, and ensure consistent service quality by delivering on-the-spot feedback and assistance. Elevate your organization’s customer experience with the call whisper feature, designed to empower your team and foster a culture of continuous improvement.
distribute workload

Call pickup groups

Enhance call management on your desktop phone with Call Pickup Groups on your desktop phones! This indispensable feature allows team members to answer incoming calls directed to a colleague’s desktop phone within a designated group, ensuring important calls are never missed. With straightforward configuration and customizable settings, Call Pickup Groups are perfect for enhancing workplace efficiency and collaboration. Improve customer satisfaction and never miss a crucial call again by harnessing the power of Call Pickup Groups on your desktop phones.
singular redirection

Call pickup direct

Introducing Call Pickup Direct – the ultimate solution for streamlined workplace communication! This powerful feature allows users to directly answer incoming calls ringing on a colleague’s extension, ensuring that crucial calls never go unanswered. With a simple access code or a pre-configured button, Call Pickup Direct is designed for efficiency and ease of use. Enhance team collaboration, improve customer satisfaction, and never miss an important call again with the power of Call Pickup Direct at your fingertips!
hands-free communication


Streamline your office communication with our efficient intercom feature for desktop phones. Instantly connect with colleagues or make announcements over the phone system, fostering a collaborative and responsive work environment. With the touch of a button, engage in real-time, hands-free conversations, saving time and effort in relaying crucial information. Enhance your organization’s internal communication, boost productivity, and foster teamwork by incorporating the practical and versatile intercom feature in your daily operations
Broadcast announcements


Looking for a way to efficiently communicate with your team in real-time? Paging is the perfect solution! With paging, you can make announcements or broadcast messages to a group of people on the same phone system instantly. This feature is essential in busy office environments, manufacturing plants, warehouses, and other settings where a large group of people needs to hear the same message at once. Paging saves time and ensures that important information is quickly disseminated to the right people.
Unobstusive observance


Improve your team’s performance and maintain service quality with our call monitoring feature for desktop phones. This powerful tool enables supervisors or team leaders to unobtrusively listen in on ongoing calls, ensuring that communication standards are upheld and customer concerns are handled effectively. Utilize call monitoring for real-time coaching, employee training, and quality assurance purposes, while gaining valuable insights to refine your organization’s communication strategies. Experience the benefits of proactive supervision and enhanced customer satisfaction with this essential call management solution.
mobile calling

Roaming locations

Experience unparalleled mobility and convenience with our roaming locations feature for desktop phones. Effortlessly take your phone with you while maintaining the same phone number, ensuring that you stay connected and reachable, no matter where your work takes you. Seamlessly transition between office locations or remote workspaces without compromising your accessibility or professional commitments. Embrace the power of flexibility and enhanced communication, supported by the roaming locations feature, tailored to meet the demands of the modern workforce.

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