Reliability, with best customer support

Let us handle all your client interactions!

Yes, we do phones right, but we also offer: integration with your existing software so you known exactly who’s calling, texting, reminders, client signatures (forms), AND MORE!

Awesome Customer Support

Whatever you want, we will help you.

Maybe you want the clients to receive different messages depending of the time of day, or maybe you want the phone itself to have a different ringtone depending on what number is called, or maybe something else crazy, or maybe you just need some help. You will receive very personal help.

As a leader in Customer Support, our customers rave about the care they receive, even as we grow. Rest easy that we’ll be in your team.

Additional Features

Keep Your Customers Happy & Offload The Office Staff

App Integration

When the phone rings, it looks up information from your client database, and starts a whole process of automation.

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2-Way Texting

Customers now often prefer being contacted via text (SMS/MMS). Exude professionalism by sending that text from your office number.

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Backup Internet

Businesses are now 100% internet reliant. Experience the joy of not even dropping a phone call when the internet goes down.

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to highlight some of our capabilities

Grow Your Business with Seamless Technology

Detailed Real-Time Reports

Unlock the power of data to enhance decision-making, boost efficiency, and drive success.

Enable Remote Workforces

Empower your Team, enhance flexibility – Provide anywhere access, boost productivity.


Customizable Configurations

Optimize processes with tailored configurations – Personalize, streamline workflow, achieve business success.

Call Recording

Transform communications – Improve customer engagement, enhance employee performance, drive progress.

Online Forms w/ Signature

Streamline processes – Simplify workflow, enhance legality, drive business efficiency.

Digital Faxing

Eliminate paper hassles – Streamline communications, enhance security, simplify processes.

Understand you

Totally optional, but first we’d like to fully understand your business and how to best help you.

Working Plan

We help you define your Client Interaction Management plan and develop a realistic strategy.

Launch Project

We can either send you the phones direct, or we work with awesome local support to install for you.

Stay Happy

We’d like to think we know if you have trouble before you know of the trouble. Talk to a human, quickly.

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Our Benefits

Rest Easy, As We've Got Your Back

As a leader in Client Communication Management, our passion is to continually grow features and capabilities so that you can focus on client care, and not technology.

  • encrypted & hippa compliant 100% 100%
  • redundant, reliant, dependable 100% 100%
  • always thinking of the next feature 100% 100%

our pricing

We aim to please

We do match price to functionality, but guarantee you’ll be happier with us. Plus our competitors will likely cost more, once you sum up all their fees. We don’t hide any prices! Click Buy Now to get pricing on all of our services 


Up to 2 Extensions

Domestic Calls Included

Web Enabled Control Panel

Real-Time Data Analytics 



All features from Individual Plan

3 or more extensions

Access to multi-level auto attendant included

Digital Fax Service included



All features from Professional Plan

20 or more extensions

Quality Control Recording included

SMS 2-Way Texting included


Prices per extension


What Clients Say

“Multis' Customer Service has been phenomenal for our business. They are very quick to respond and get everything taken care of. We are able to communicate with our customers more effectively, and be much more productive here in the office.”

Alicia Ackley

Office Manager, Wendy Willet D.D.S.

“These guys bend over backwards to make everything work just right for me.”

Troy Sutherland

Prior President, Southerland Industries Inc.

"When the Houston floods hit, my office was completely under water. We moved our services to Multis and we were able to stay in business!

Doctor Thomas

Owner, Queewood Pediatric Dentistry


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